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Paver Patios

Paver Patios The various elements on your property are almost always exposed to climatic changes, dust, debris, the UV rays of the sun as well as regular wear and tear. Apart from this, they have to bear foot and/or vehicular traffic too. Therefore, it goes without saying that the materials used in their construction should be sturdy and long-lasting.

This is exactly what we at God’s Green Earth keep in view when we are handling any landscape installation project on properties across Eatontown, Freehold, Toms River, Beachwood or Tinton Falls.

We are a company that has provided seamless and professional landscape design and installation services to customers in and around Point Pleasant, Lakewood, Asbury Park, Howell, and Long Branch as well. We provide end-to-end landscaping solutions that meet the requirements of our customers and fit beautifully into their budgets.

Why Use Pavers in A Smart Choice

Pathways, walkways and driveways are almost an integral part of most of our landscaping jobs, and so are installations such as outdoor kitchens, patios and decks etc. When we are installing any of these, we make a concerted effort to ensure these spaces are designed in a very functional and aesthetically appealing manner.

We typically recommend that paving stones be used as a flooring material in these spaces and there are a number of reasons we do so:

  • Hardwearing - As mentioned earlier, any element, feature or material used in outdoor spaces has to be strong and durable and pavers fit the bill to perfection. As long as they are installed, sanded and sealed well, they can last for a number of years, without any trouble.

  • Aesthetics - They add to the beauty of outdoor spaces and can be used to create the kind of styling you want in your outdoor kitchen, paver patio or deck.

  • Versatility - These are very versatile materials and are suitable for use in almost all outdoor spaces. They complement the look of entranceways, patios, decks, poolscapes, pathways and walkways etc.

  • Easy to maintain - Paving stones are very easy to maintain- all you have to do is pressure-wash them occasionally and they will remain clean. You only need to get them sealed once every 2 years and that will keep the surfaces well-protected and looking new.

  • Wide variety - You can choose from natural stone, concrete or brick pavers. All these come in a wide variety of designs, textures and colors. They look stunning and you are able to create the design concepts you want. There are varieties such as Arbel Stone, Mega-Arbel Stone, Urbana Stone, Subterra Stone, Old World, Portage Stone, Bullnose, Holland Stone, Anchor Cobble, Turfstone, Paver Art and London Cobble etc to choose from.

  • Long lasting - These are very strong and durable installations and they last for a number of years with the least amount of care.

  • Cost-effective - Concrete and brick paving is inexpensive compared to that made of natural stone. The latter tend to be a little expensive, but since these pavers last for decades, they provide value in the long term.

We are ICPI-certified installers and handle the job with the highest levels of expertise. For more information about our services, call God’s Green Earth at (732) 528-5444 and speak with our experts about your requirement. You also have the option to contact us using this online form.

Not all pavers are installed the same. We are ICPI-certified installers with over 30 years of experience installing pavers according to industry standards to prevent unsightly rutting or settling. Every job looks great when first finished, but will your pavers withstand the test of time? Contact us to learn why all jobs are not equal.